Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recommended Program: Ventrilo

This will be the first post in my series of recommended programs which will include programs for people who are developing games, beginners to programming, web apps or just programs that can be used for everyone. First I would like to start this off with a program I use every day and for good reason. Ventrilo, it allows people to connect to a server and talk to each other on a fast and lightweight program. I use this program to talk to friends while we play call of duty or to talk about our current game projects or just because were to lazy to type. Its very easy to set up even if you want to host your own server.

I would recommend renting a dedicated server from a company online so that your server will be up and running all the time plus its pretty cheap only about 50 cents per person or so. I run my own 8 man server on my home server that is more than enough people for what I use it for and because ventrilo is so lightweight it never lags. More features of ventrilo include an admin panel for creating channels to separate people. Also these channels have various options such as password protected or muted, I use a muted channel for the away channel. There is also an extensive user control where you can assign users different rights such as kicking others or moving them from channels. Overall, ventrilo is a very good program and I recommend it for people who at any point talk to each other especially for long periods of time or with multiple people.

Here is a screenshot of my server in action

If anyone needs help installing or configuring there ventrilo client or server post a comment and I will try and help. My server is running Ubuntu Server Edition so it can be installed on easily on any operating system although the client can not be installed on linux only windows or mac. You can however use Wine to install it and run it that way which is pretty easy. That is it for now I will post again soon.

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