Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Computer Prank

So I was at my school in the computer lab when my friend and I were messing around with the command prompt when we combined forces to create a fun prank. This prank requires access to the command prompt so if your trying it on a school computer make sure you can use it. Now the first step is to take a screenshot of your desktop by pressing the print screen button located above the insert key. Then go into Microsoft Paint and paste it in there ( Control + V ) then save the image ( Control + S ) somewhere like the desktop. Open the image and set it as the desktop background. Then you have to delete all the desktop icons if there are any, these are easily recoverable from the recycle bin or just replacing them so its not that bad. You can also open up a program that takes up all or most of the screen and take the screenshot instead of being confused on the desktop they will try and use or close the program. I would suggest using a common program like internet browser or just a folder thats open. So far this is just a normal prank but this is when things get fun.

Next your going to open the command prompt and type in the following command.

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe

This command ends the task of the windows explorer. You may think the explorer is just to browse your folders or using the internet but explorer does a lot more. After you do this command the task bar is removed and what is showing at the bottom is instead the desktop background which means it is worthless. The start button also doesn't function anymore and no new windows will open. If you close the command prompt there is no way for them to do anything other then restarting which will restart the windows explorer and everything will work just like it did before. If you do not close the command prompt the command that will restart it is.


This will turn back on the windows explorer and return everything to normal and will not do any damage to the computer or anything like that. Besides deleting the desktop icons and changing the desktop background but those are easily fixed.

To long didn't read:
1: Take screenshot of desktop
2: Set background to screenshot
3: type in "taskkill /f /im explorer.exe" into console
4: close console
5: ???
6: profit

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  1. nice, I remember doing this to my teacher... luckily he didn't find out who it was. :)